Trading Platform

YANT is a P2P cryptocurrency trading platform to maximize P2P currency trading function supported by the YANT Wallet.



YANT provides a variety of real-time information on trade prices, and bid/offer prices and trading volume, and supports bid/offer matching and matching notification system.


Provides Services

YANT provides services that enhance the use of YANT Coin and other cryptocurrencies – rewards-based P2P crowdfunding, prepaid card charging, and product purchase and settlement.


YANT Features

Fundamental goals of cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency we issue satisfies the following goals.

It’s New Blockchain
New Trading Platform!

To enable cryptocurrency owners to use the diverse functions of YANT Wallet with convenience and ease, we are building YANT - a P2P trading platform that supports P2P transactions like P2P cryptocurrency exchanges, trading, settlement, and crowdfunding.

  • Strong security and Ability to store, transfer, exchange, and trade.
  • Compatibility and acceptability with other cryptocurrencies.
  • Ability to execute anonymous international transactions and Fast confirmation and decision making.
  • Ability to be linked to external settlement groups.
  • Ability to provide additional services and ease of functional extensibility


cryptocurrency P2P trading platform

YANT is being equipped with extra functions such as prepaid card charging, online settlement, and P2P crowdfunding. YANT Coin is used to pay fees charged for YANT services including special settlements and events supported by YANT. Going forward, we will continue to expand the uses of YANT Coin.