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Error Code & Message Type

YANT P2P Wallet supports all operating systems.

How to use YANT wallet

YANT Error Code & Message Type

Yant Wallet error code type

1. C00 code : Wallet has an error. It's not available. Restore your wallet using Paperkey.
2. C01 code : Yant Wallet privatekey is corrupted.Restore your wallet using Paperkey.
3. C02 code: Paperkey is invalid. Please enter Paperkey correctly.
4. C04-1code: Privatekey was not validated before transfer. Restore your wallet using Paperkey.
5. C04-2code: Wallet is not validated before transfer.Restore your wallet using Paperkey.
6. C04-3code: Validation error occurred during transmission professional generation.Restore your wallet using Paperkey.
7. C04-4code: Error occurred when verifying GenerateTX during transmission professional generation Restore your wallet using Paperkey..
8. C04-5code: An error occurred while validating TX roadcast.. Restore your wallet using Paperkey.
9. C04-6 code: Error occurred during transfer. Please make sure your network is in good shape and try again.
10. C10-DASH code:DASH is not available.
11. C10-SILVER code: Silver is not available.
12. EXS01 code: Coin is registered at the exchange's Sell. Or the transmission is unconfirmed. Wait until the transaction is completed or Confirm is completed. And use it again.
13. EXB01 code: Coin is registered at the exchange's Buy. Or the transmission is unconfirmed.
14. Wait until the transaction is completed or Confirm is completed. And use it again.
15. App version : Wallet version is out of date and cannot be used. Update Wallet.
16. Emulator : You are using an emulator. Emulator is not available.


Message Type

1. “Balance is zero" / "잔고가 0 이거나 - 입니다 " / "余额为零" / "残高はゼロです"
    ▶There is no balance in the coin.

2. "You should send at least 0 coin" / "최소한 0 코인 이상을 보내야 합니다" / "你应该发送至少0枚硬币" / "あなたは少なくとも0枚のコインを送るべきです"
    ▶Coin send was less than zero or did not enter.

3. "Attempt to send more coins than balance"/ "잔고보다 더 많은 코인을 보낼려고 했습니다" / "尝试发送比平衡更多的硬币" / "残高よりも多くのコインを送ろうとしています"
    ▶The coin send quantity is larger than the balance..

4. "I can not send a coin to my exact address"/"내 주소로 코인을 보낼 수 없습니다" / "我不能把硬币送到我的确切地址" / "コインを正確な住所に送れません"
    ▶You cannot send a coin to your address.

5. "Address format is invalid"/"주소 형식이 잘 못 되었습니다" / "地址格式无效" / "住所フォーマットが無効です"
    ▶The format of the address you are trying to send is incorrect Check the address.

6. "Be sure to enter the coin amount as a number"/"수량을 반드시 숫자로 입력해 주세요" / "一定要输入硬币数量" / "コインの金額は必ず数字で入力してください"
    ▶Balance input must be numeric only..

7. "Network is unstable !! Please do it again soon"/"네트워크가 불안정합니다 !! 잠시후에 다시 시도해 주세요" / "网络不稳定!!请尽快再做一次" / "ネットワークが不安定です。もうすぐもう一度実行してください。"
    ▶Connection to blockchain node is not smooth. Wifi, check network and try again.

8. "Transation Unconfirmed !! Please do it again soon"/"미승인된 거래가 있습니다 !! 잠시후에 다시 시도해 주세요" / "Transation未经证实!!请尽快再做一次" / "未確認の取引です。もうすぐもう一度やり直してください。"
    ▶There is an unconfirmed transaction. Coin transfer cannot be used until it is Confirmed. Wait and use again.

9. "Must sell over 0 coin"/"0 코인 이상 판매해야 합니다" / "必须卖出超过0硬币" / "0コイン以上で売却する必要があります"
    ▶Coin sales are zero or less than zero. Use the amount after entering it normally.

10. "Exchange rate must be at least 0"/"교환률은 0 보다 커야 합니다" / "汇率必须至少为0" / "為替レートは0以上でなければなりません"
    ▶Transaction registration does not contain the exchange rate or is entered at a value less than 0. Enter the exchange rate normally and use it again.

11. "Exchange fees must be at least 0.001"/"거래수수료는 0.001 이상이어야 합니다" / "交换费必须至少为 0.001" / "為替手数料は少なくとも0.001でなければなりません"
    ▶Transaction fees are less than 0.001. Set the transaction fee to 0.001.

12. "There is a deal on the exchange. Send a coin after the end"/"거래소에 진행중인 거래가 있습니다 종료 후에 코인을 보내세요" / "在交易所有交易 结束后发送硬币" / "交換があります 終了後にコインを送る"
    ▶There is a coin list registered on the exchange. Cancel the transaction registration and send it..

13. "You have entered less than the minimum volume" /"최소거래량 보다 적게 입력 했습니다" / "您输入的音量低于最小音量" / "最小数量未満を入力しました"
    ▶I entered lower than the minimum amount of registered transactions. Enter higher than the minimum amount.

14. "You have entered more than the maximum volume"/ "최대거래량 보다 크게 입력 했습니다" / "您输入的音量超过了最大音量" / "最大音量を超えて入力しました"
    ▶You entered higher than the maximum amount of registered transactions. Please enter less than the maximum amount.

15. "Yant balance is less than exchange fee"/"Yant 잔고가 거래수수료 보다 작습니다" / "Yant余额低于交换费" / "おおよその残高が為替手数料を下回る"
    ▶There is no yant fee when registering transactions. Register yantcoin after charging.

16. "You cannot request additional contracts because you have an ongoing contract. "/"현재 진행중인 체결건이 있어 추가 체결요청은 할 수 없습니다" / "由于你方有续约,故不能要求附加合同" / "契約が継続しているため,追加契約は要求できません"
    ▶There is a deal in progress. You cannot request a transaction while the transaction is in progress. Ask again after the deal is closed..