- Yantwallet is safe. because It uses an individual's unique key.
The trading system is safe as well.
because It's not a form to send a coin to an exchange purse but a way to keep coins in your wallet.
- Yantwallet uses 15 uncommon encrypted words for preventing capture existing paperkey and offline Snooping.
Therefore, you must store the string in text form in two or more places, such as private mail or storage.
- If the recovery paper key is exposed, It's the same as giving the bank account and a stamp.
Therefore, It's a good idea to move your encrypted money assets to another wallet immediately and discard your wallet with the paper key exposed.
- If the specific coin has not sent, Check the message first.
to see if it's a network problem.
If It's a network problem, the coin will reappear when the problem is resolved. And then you can send and receive.
Yantwallet also prevents transmission until the transfer is confirmed if there is a coin block in transit for the safety of the exchange function.
If you go to the settings menu in your Yantwallet, there is an Air Drop participation item.
You can get an air drop there.
You can find more detailed information here.
This command is prompted only once transaction deal has been confirmed.
Otherwise user will receive this “unauthorized transaction” message. Because Yant platform holds customer safety as the top priority, this message and action is a safety measure so that users are not exploited in the trading systems.
Thank you.
This message is prompted and generated when registering a Coin on the exchange.
Yant platform is a P2P trading system – ability to detect malicious user registrations and transactions on exchanges and selling false Coins.
Malicious patterns will be detected.
To transfer the Coin, register the corresponding Coin registered on the exchange – Please cancel then send.
This message is prompted when the connection is not strong or unsafe within your Coin transfer.
Because the WiFi, location/regional signal, or the receiving peer of the Coin is not connected, it will ask to try again within a short period.
You may try again to connect.
This is prompted because the P2P trading method is not a centralized method of exchange.
As an existing exchange, the Coin and transaction fees are deducted by the YANT system when the request of the transaction is in a state of lock.
The transaction is exchanged once a request has connected within each end.
This does not mean the Coin has disappeared rather, the receiver who registered and after two hours, it will be returned if there is no response.
Transaction fees are not refundable.
This prevents DDOS attacks such as malicious registrations that Coins have been linked to.
Yant platform is a security-focused system.
To prevent any malicious or fraudulent registrations and activities in a DDOS form, it will receive a transaction fee at the time of registration.
If you change the transaction registration – the information can be edited.
Understandable. However, this is the first complete P2P trading system of this kind – the constraints directly tie to the highest level of security, a priority of Yant.
Yant envisions providing customer convenience while maintaining the highest quality of security.
The main purpose of the Yant trading system is to bring to you the securest P2P transactions so there may be some extra steps to the transactions.
We will always work to improve the system upon user feedback - their wants and needs.