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About GBIH

We have developed P2P user direct exchangr platform with new block chain technology and will continue to develop it.

About GBIH

GBIH is a Malta-based YANT TANT development and support company.
GBIH is making blockchain based P2P transactions accessible to everyone.
New idea.
New technology.
New future.
We will freely enjoy and share it with all the people of the world.

In this world where we live together, there are too many people without life necessities for survival and even without a cup of water, the least condition for survival, who live day by day in such extremely adverse conditions.

The fact that this is happening and is left unresolved in the 21st century where cutting-edge technology prevails is surprising, and something that all humanity should be ashamed of and seek a solution for.

We have internal policy to allocate some portion of our earnings as contribution for these people. Utilizing our resources, we will develop a system and platform where anyone can easily participate in relief efforts.

We believe that is the responsibility for all of us, who live together at this time on this pale blue dot in the universe.


YANT progress roadmap.

2018 4Q

● Private-sale completed
● YANT Blockchain completed

2019 1Q

● Pre-sale completed
● YANT Coin distribution
● YANT Wallet (version.1) release
● YANT Trading system open
● YANT (version.1) release

2019 2Q

● YANT Wallet(version.2) release

2019 3Q

● YANT Wallet (version.2) release
● Crowdfunding system apply
● TANT Apply
● Prepaid card systen apply

2019 4Q

● YANT (version.3) release