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How to use wallet

YANT P2P Wallet supports all operating systems.

How to use YANT wallet

YANT Wallet User Guide.

YANT Wallet

A revolutionary new system for trading cryptocurrencies - YANT
No exchange needed. My wallet is its own exchange.

● What if you could store all kinds of coins in your e-wallet?
● What if you could trade the coins in your e-wallet without transferring them to an external exchange?
● What if you could trade coins in real time with anyone in the world without any registration, restrictions, or conditions?
● What if you could handle it all on your mobile phone?

A new solution will make all this possible.
YANT P2P trading system
The YANT revolution in coin distribution begins now.

YANT is the first company in the world to offer a complete and fully distributed P2P trading system based on block chain.

▶ Storage for multiple different cryptocurencies
By using YANT Wallet, you can store various cryptocurrencies based on other block chains such as the Bit series or the Ether series. They can be traded or transferred freely at any time with anyone else in the world who has their own e-wallet without the involvement of existing exchanges or anyone else.

▶ The e-wallet’s internal trading system
Unlike existing exchanges which use a central server and escrow, the YANT P2P trading system based on block chain works entirely within the e-wallet, with no external exchanges involved. When you open your personal e-wallet on your mobile phone (PC also available), a trading window similar to that in existing cryptocurrency exchanges appears on the screen, and you can trade immediately or order trades according to your desired conditions.
▶ Usage without conditions or restrictions
The YANT P2P trading system does not require a complicated trade registration process, nor are there multiple stages involved in usage, as in existing exchanges. Also, there are no restrictions on trading areas, no escrow conditions, no need to move the cryptocurrencies, and no commissions. It is a perfectly decentralized P2P method with no interference or control from any third party.

▶ Block chain based system
The entire YANT P2P trading system where transactions are formed in blocks in a block chain and the transaction ledger stored in a distributed manner is based on the YANT Blockchain. YANT Blockchain is a standalone block chain that was developed independently. It maximizes the processing speed and efficiency of confirmations through a P2P based agreement algorithm and variable application of block memory. It also uses dual networks of public chains and private chains, thereby doubling safety and stability.

▶ Support of various functions
In addition to the P2P trading system, YANT is aiming to support additional systems such as stable token, crowdfunding, and prepaid card charging, with the ultimate goal of providing a variety of functions in all aspects of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, including storage, transfer, and trade.

YANT Block Chain P2P Trading System Features

▶ Storage for multiple different cryptocurencies
▶ The e-wallet’s internal P2P trading system
▶ Provision of ticker information, trading information, matching information, etc.
▶ Immediate processing of all transactions/trades
▶ Worldwide integrated operations
▶ Store your cryptocurrency in a personal wallet (no need to move cryptocurrency out of the e-wallet)
▶ Store transaction records in a block as a distributed ledger
▶ Strong security against hacking
▶ Support of various functions, such as crowdfunding and prepaid card charging
▶ Implementation of mobile phone functions (PC also available)
▶ Backup function for the e-wallet in case of emergency