YANT Platform

Enhancements and error fixes by version.

2019.8.14 Patch (v1.1.26)

● Improvements
    ▷Improving transaction speed
    ▷Transaction fee deduction after transaction completion

2019.7.22 Patch (v1.1.25)

● Major modifications
    ▷IPhone IOS Version Exchange Open

2019.7.9 Patch (v1.1.24)

● Major modifications
    ▷Display wallet version information on first screen popup guide windows Yant, Silver on the exchange has hidden 24 hour rate change.

2019.7.4 Patch (v1.1.23)

● Improvements
    ▷Add My Trade List.
    ▷Change the Sell/Buy registration.
    ▷You can check my trade history in the Trade Tab.
    ▷Add The Chart Tab.

● A bug fix
    ▷Modify login page UI bug.
    ▷Fixing a bug that goes up the coin list page.
    ▷Fixed bug in Exchange Standby state.

2019.6.17 Patch (v1.1.22)

● Bitcoin Cache Deletion

2019.5.38 Patch (v1.1.15)

● Exchange opened
● Multi-wallet supplement

2019.3.19 (v1.0.7)

● Multi-wallet open without exchanges