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In trying to escape from the centralized server approach where there are risks such as artificial control, manipulation, and hacking, those prominent blockchain cryptocurrencies that are clamoring for decentralization are ironically facing their biggest challenge in being stuck in just such a typical, centralized service exchange. Therefore, blockchain cryptocurrencies are exposed to risks such as control, manipulation, hacking, restrictions on the transfer of cryptocurrency between countries, and even limitations on the rights of cryptocurrency owners.

Due to these problems, major exchanges around the world have recently opened decentralized P2P exchanges, amid the calls for decentralization. However, most of these P2P exchanges can only be used after registration as on a regular exchange, which includes signing up under one’s real name, opening an account, and depositing cash, or by having funds placed in escrow. This method allows for the transfer of coins directly between the electronic wallets under the guarantee of the exchange, but only at the final transaction stage.

Consequently, these P2P exchanges are not particularly more convenient than existing exchanges, with restraints on trading areas (countries) leading to some inconveniences while using them. There are still many limitations on the use of P2P exchanges by users in places (countries) where exchanges haven’t been established, and trades between countries are also very difficult. In addition, it is difficult to expand the exchanges themselves due to issues of regional limitation, and they are not free from various external regulations and management. Distributed P2P trading systems linked with blockchains are also emerging, but for a number of reasons, they have not yet implemented a complete P2P trading scheme.

YANT has developed the world's first fully-distributed transaction system for P2P trading in order to solve these unreasonable problems with blockchain cryptocurrencies.
By using YANT Wallet, it is possible to store different cryptocurrencies based on other blockchains such as the Bit series and the Ether series in your own wallet, and you can transfer or receive cryptocurrency with anyone in the world at any time with your e-wallet, without the involvement of existing exchanges or anyone else. The YANT P2P trading system does not have an exchange but only a trading system within each owner’s e-wallet, where anyone with YANT Wallet can freely trade coin without restrictions. Additionally, since there is no need to transfer or move coins externally, for example, to the exchange, it is more convenient, safe from hacking issues that may occur outside of the e-wallet, and there will be no hacking of the exchange as a whole.

Particularly, the YANT P2P trading system does not require a complicated registration process, nor are there multiple stages involved in using it, as in existing exchanges. Also there are no restrictions on trading areas, no escrow conditions, no need to move the cryptocurrencies, and no commissions. It is a perfectly decentralized P2P method with no interference or control from any third party. The YANT P2P trading system is a revolution in cryptocurrency distribution.

Unlike existing exchanges which use a central server and escrow, the YANT P2P trading system, based on blockchain, takes place entirely within the e-wallet, with no external exchanges involved. When you open your personal e-wallet on your mobile phone (PC also available), a trading window similar to that in existing cryptocurrency exchanges appears on the screen, and you can trade immediately or order trades according to your desired conditions.
If the quantity and price you want are available, you can trade immediately or make a registration of the sale according to your desired conditions. With both transaction and registration occurring simultaneously, a transaction result message will be received immediately after a sale is completed.

In addition to the P2P trading system, YANT is aiming to support additional systems such as stable token, crowdfunding, and prepaid card charging, with the ultimate goal of providing a variety of functions in all aspects of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, including storage, transfer, and trading.

Multiple cryptocurrencies in possession can be stored in a personal e-wallet, and can be traded within the wallet without being moved externally. The entire YANT P2P trading system, where transactions are formed as blocks in a block chain and the transaction ledger stored in a distributed manner, is based on the YANT Blockchain.

YANT Blockchain is a standalone blockchain that was developed independently. It maximizes the processing speed and efficiency of confirmations through a P2P algorithm and the block memory. It also uses dual networks of public chains and private chains, thereby doubling safety and stability.

You can store or transmit various types of cryptocurrencies in your own wallet using your mobile phone or PC. You can trade them within the e-wallet without moving them externally. The YANT P2P trading system, where transactions are formed by the blockchain and the ledgers are stored in the blockchain, is a fully distributed P2P trading system that faithfully reflects the purpose and philosophy of both blockchain and cryptocurrency, which were conceived with a goal of decentralization. It is the next generation platform expected to lead the circulation of cryptocurrencies in the future.

YANT Block Chain P2P Trading System Features

▶ Storage for multiple different cryptocurencies
▶ The e-wallet’s internal P2P trading system
▶ Provision of ticker information, trading information, matching information, etc.
▶ Immediate processing of all transactions/trades
▶ Worldwide integrated operations
▶ Store your cryptocurrency in a personal wallet (no need to move cryptocurrency out of the e-wallet)
▶ Store transaction records in a block as a distributed ledger
▶ Strong security against hacking
▶ Support of various functions, such as crowdfunding and prepaid card charging
▶ Implementation of mobile phone functions (PC also available)
▶ Backup function for the e-wallet in case of emergency
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