Goals for development

We aim to realize a more efficient and practical blockchain ecosystem with a new approach that addresses those inconveniences and problems with blockchain and cryptocurrencies listed earlier.
We intend to achieve a new decentralized P2P transaction system based on a new blockchain under development, that will replace existing cryptocurrency transaction methods.
We plan to develop and present YANT Wallet (a multi-functional electronic wallet); YANT Coin (cryptocurrency with a clear purpose for use); YANT, a P2P transaction platform consisting of P2P cryptocurrency trading system and prepaid card charging services.


1. Independent and advanced blockchain
The blockchain being developed by us is a next-generation blockchain with advanced functionality, being completely independent and separated from other existing blockchains.
Our blockchain offers faster, safer and more stable processing than existing ones, provides secure protection from hacking thanks to variable sizes of block memory and connection security with double encryption, and realizes an optimal environment with safety and security throughout the entire blockchain system and individual systems such as nodes and wallets.

2. YANT Wallet - cryptocurrency wallet supporting variety of functions
Besides common functions of electronic wallets such as storage, transmission and security of cryptocurrency, YANT Wallet features diverse P2P transaction functions such as P2P cryptocurrency exchange, P2P cryptocurrency transaction, and P2P cryptocurrency settlement.
To maximize the use of these P2P trading functions, YANT Wallet is capable of storing about 100 different kinds of cryptocurrencies.
YANT Wallet enables users to exchange or trade cryptocurrencies with anyone in any locale (country) safely on a real time basis without having to go through a “regular” exchange or external trading system.
Furthermore, YANT Wallet is the most secure multi-currency digital wallet among those currently available since it operates on encrypted authentication keys through a procedure of verifying the integrity of the wallet.

3. YANT - cryptocurrency P2P trading platform
To enable cryptocurrency owners to use the diverse functions of YANT Wallet with convenience and ease, we are building YANT - a P2P trading platform that supports P2P transactions like P2P cryptocurrency exchanges, trading, settlement, and crowdfunding.
YANT is being equipped with extra functions such as prepaid card charging, online settlement, and P2P crowdfunding.


4. YANT cryptocurrency – YANT Coin
YANT Coin is used to pay fees charged for YANT services including special settlements and events supported by YANT. Going forward, we will continue to expand the uses of YANT Coin.

5. TANT Coin - token for YANT
TANT Coin is a “stable token” designated for YANT, a P2P cryptocurrency trading platform.
TANT Coin can be used to trade all cryptocurrencies supported by YANT, as well as for other P2P transactions such as crowdfunding and settlement.
TANT Coin can be purchased with cryptocurrencies designated by YANT, and TANT Coin can be converted back to cryptocurrencies at any time.
The initial value of TANT Coin is always fixed for cryptocurrency trading or for any other uses.

Features of YANT Wallet

We have developed P2P user direct exchangr platform with new block chain technology and will continue to develop it.

Type of trading system

Completely decentralized P2P trading system

Location of trading system

Within a wallet

Transfer of proceeds

No need to move proceeds outside wallet


Theoretically trading is never suspended since it has a blockchain structure


No competitor currently

Use condition

No restriction for use


Immediately processed

Countries without exchanges

No restrictions to use overseas exchanges